Hearing sheds light on county’s road concerns

Dear Editor:
  I would like to thank Stacey Holloway for organizing the meeting Monday, July 1 with the Hamilton County Board in regards to the poor road conditions in Hamilton County. There was a huge turnout from every corner of the county.
  Everyone there had concerns that they wanted to address. We were limited to 30 minutes to bring these issues before the board and everyone was allowed three minutes to speak. If you do the math that allows 10 people three minute each to comment. We asked for another meeting where everyone could voice their concerns but I am very doubtful that the board will ever let that happen.
 After listening to chairman Nelson side step the issues, blame the weather and any other thing he could think of except the cause of the problem, I lost what little resect I had for the man. Nelson stated he lives on a gravel road. That is correct but it is a private gravel road. He also stated he drove on county roads all the way to Aurora and the only bad road conditions he encountered was Highway 34.
  We have lost all but one of the good grader operators. The reason is the highway superintendent and the county board refuse to listen to the men who know how to maintain our county roads. I just read the add in July 3rd addition of this paper asking for equipment operators -- no experience necessary.
If this is your plan hiring people with no experience when you have no one left to train them, how stupid are you? You told us that you short five people in the highway department. How do you think  things will get done when you have a shortage of five workers? How do you expect to get thing done when these workers have no experience? You have no plan and this is beyond stupid.
  To solve the county roads problem we need trained personnel along with intelligent leadership. We have none. Nelson, you have no idea how to fix the situation we are in with our roads. Admit it. I am sure you’re getting advice from past commissioners on how to deal with the problem. They are the cause of most of the problems we are now seeing.
 Roger and Nancy can do a good job if the other three of you resign. In the past 19 years we have had two good commissioners -- Driewer and Trumble. Unfortunately there were three others on the board with stupid ideas and they were handicapped by the other three. As you should be able to see by the turnout Monday we are tired of the leadership offered by you. We are tired of paying for your insurance, we are tired of paying your salary, and we are tired at seeing our tax dollars wasted by the board.
  Do the decent thing and resign and let us put some people in office who want to make Hamilton County Grate Again.
Duane Katt,

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