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 Parents of seven year-old pee wee baseball players brawling in the Mile High City over an umpire’s call. A 13-year old umpire.
Former Boston Redsox slugger David Ortiz getting shot in the back in his home Dominican Repulibic.
LaVar Ball seemingly making an inappropriate response to a female host on ESPN.
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield trash-talking University of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger on a radio show in Oklahoma.
It’s simply amazing these kind of stories seen and heard these days. Is this kind of behavior becoming a trend, or are these just random acts of immaturity, foolishness and yes, violence?
I’m seriously afraid that the world of sports is beginning to mirror Washington D.C.’s bickering and dividedness. What happens in Washington isn’t staying in Washington, at least in my opinion. And it starts at the top.
Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting worse? Are lawyers the only real winners here?
In the case of the pee wee brawl, it might be the result of one parent going off the deep end to start it, or maybe he was on drugs, but why did it escalate and why didn’t cooler heads prevail? And how does punching someone out do any good whatsoever as the youngsters took it all in? What kind of example is that for our youth? How will they act as adults?
In the case of Ball, it’s no surprise at all if you are familiar with him and his rather inflated ego. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. At least the network won’t play Ball anymore.
And in the case of Mayfield, it just points out that everything is bigger in Texas, especially old high school football rivalries.
Mayfield grew up in Austin, TX and played football at Lake Travis High School. He then walked on at Texas Tech and earned the starting quarterback position before transferring to Oklahoma, where he eventually won the Heisman Trophy.
His brashness and immaturity are well-documented, but as the face of the Cleveland Browns, he’s going to have to start acting like more of a leader if he’s going to get the respect of fans and the rest of the league.
But not all is bad these days in the world of sports, especially locally. In fact, it’s still an escape from “real life” for the majority of fans.
How about Duke’s Zion Williamson going No. 1 in last week’s NBA draft? He immediately gave all the credit to his mom, an emotional scene played out on live TV.
Or did you see 75 year-old Florida State head baseball coach Mike Martin tip his cap to fans after the Seminoles were eliminated at the College World Series in Omaha? A classy guy who will be missed.
The Husker football summer video released this past week about The Program was certainly telling of where Scott Frost has his players headed. Teamwork, toughness, discipline, accountability and togetherness all in a 2-minute span. Can’t we just start the season now?
And then there’s another home run by Bill Moos, choosing former Husker player and assistant coach Will Bolt to lead the Nebraska baseball program. Will’s been a winner wherever he’s been so there’s no reason to think that’s going to change anytime soon.
It’s just mind-boggling to think of the hires Moos has made in his short amount of time in Lincoln.
Right now that story is at the top of my list.
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