Good thing my calling wasn’t in the kitchen

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Nearly all of us at some time have questioned ourselves if we pursued the right career. Although I loved my many years of newspapering, the question would occasionally cross my mind, “What if I would have, etc.?” I would then chuckle to myself and decide I could have a second career in my retirement years after the kids were raised, many financial and business obligations subsided and the lifestyle slowed down.
A few weeks after my retirement I entered our home’s kitchen and announced to the Betterhalf, who had spent the afternoon playing cards, that I had rearranged her pantry and would like to learn how to cook some specialty dishes. My new pursuit at hobby cooking did not start well. I was told if I was messing with HER PANTRY I could begin doing ALL the cooking. Thus, my dream ended becoming a specialty chef who would create fabulous exotic dishes to the delight of my family.
Now let’s fast-forward about 19 years. This past week the Betterhalf and I had just finished supper and as I was helping her clear the table she asked me to fill the near-empty salt shaker.  She cautioned as she handed me the shaker, “Be careful. You have to fill it from the bottom . . . so hold your hand over the top of the shaker when you turn it over.”
I pulled the plug from the bottom of the shaker and begin filling it. Suddenly, I overfilled and a large amount of salt begin falling on the kitchen counter. My reflexive response was to remove my free hand from the shaker’s top causing salt to flow out of the shaker’s four-hole top onto the floor. Of course all my actions and the consequences of those actions drew the attention of our oldest son who was visiting. While they were laughing at my dilemma, I was thankful it was cheap salt on the floor instead of a sugar bowl mishap.
Later that evening another thought passed through my mind: “It was a blessing for a lifetime career I had chosen a newspaper office instead of a chef’s kitchen”.
The two biggest sellers in any bookstore are the cookbooks and the diet books. The cookbooks tell you how prepare the food and the diet books tell you how to not eat any of it.  
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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