An open letter to Mr. Buffett

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 Shame on you, Warren Buffet.
You, the Oracle of Omaha, the third richest person in the world, the man who owns more than 30 daily newspapers in the United States (including Omaha, York, Grand Island and Scottsbluff) just got done trashing the newspaper industry in an interview with Yahoo Finance, saying in no uncertain terms that it’s “toast”.
Just hold on money bags. I beg to differ.
Okay, even if you were referring more to the largest newspapers in our country (and that’s still unclear), newspapers as a whole usually fit and stick together. What affects one usually affects another.
But sir, to come out and put a blanket statement on newspapers, at this point in time, is just terribly wrong, even if you did serve on the board of directors at the Washington Post for 37 years.
You assume too much, and you, of all people, should know better.
“You know what happens in national sports, you can watch video of it and so on, on ESPN,” you said. “You know what’s happening in politics, in the stock market, so its (newspapers) transitioned from monopoly to franchise to competitive to toast.”
Really? Are you going to put a little jelly on it?
The truth is, just because you have a lot of money does not mean you are always right.
The way I see it, the News-Register is anything but toast. Take the weekly edition clean away and our community, our county, would literally be in the dark when it involves news, features, photos, editorials and so much more.
Who else is going to cover all of our local sports teams, week in and week out, even when it’s 105 humid degrees in the summer time during Legion ball, to minus 25 degree wind chill a few years back on senior day during a Nebraska-Iowa football game? (Richard’s toes and my fingers are still numb from that one).
Who else provides action sports photos along with game summaries, not to mention coaches and player comments?
Who else provided the latest happenings, week in and week out, about the recent EMS situation? Who else covers county government meetings and proceedings, going in-depth on many occasions when tough questions need to be asked? Who else covers ag news? Who else covers school events, school musicals, school carnivals, and in some cases, school trips such as the Aurora Heroes and Huskies recent trek to Washington D.C.?
And who else provides a venue for businesses and organizations to promote themselves, their products and/or their services in the form of advertising, or what you just called “the most important editorial content of all from the standpoint of the reader.”
Who else Warren?
The simple truth is we totally appreciate our loyal readers, their input, their enthusiasm and yes, their criticism. It’s what keeps us doing what we do, what we love to do, each and every day.
To suggest a doomsday scenario in 2019 is more than irresponsible.
It’s downright shameful.

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