Grandparents can’t say no to ‘Can you babysit?’

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If you are looking for the magic words a grandma can’t deny, we have the answer. It is this simple request from a son or daughter: “Can you babysit for us?”
 In our case, there was no vote taken -- even the choice of mutual consent never surfaced. Her decision came immediate. Less than 24 hours after our son’s request to assist him while his wife was on a business trip, any future plans in our own household had been scrapped. The suitcase was packed; and a long journey to Texas began.
There were a few challenges along the way. Instead of a simple trip to Austin at our leisure, we were requested to stop in Dallas for the one grandson’s two-day basketball tournament. “Simple” became a little more difficult when we arrived in Dallas at the height of rush hour.
After two hours of battling city traffic and the Betterhalf’s Google guidance system we arrived at our motel. It seemed she had earlier entered in her Goggle the directions to basketball site instead of the motel. Thankfully the locations were not too far apart.
 Three basketball games and a day-and-a-half later we headed on to Austin where a fast-paced activity schedule awaited us. The typical routine became evident that today’s young family fast-paced living had erased our tranquil lifestyle to which we had become accustomed. Our new daily routine included 6 a.m. grandma preparing the grandsons’ favorite egg one-eyes for breakfast; grandpa shuttling the dynamic duo to school by 7 a.m.; re-shuttling the young’uns to either basketball, lacrosse, or swim practices at 4 p.m., and then pickups at 5:30 or 6:30 p.m.
Oh, did I mention the busy household had five dogs? Without thinking, we foolishly brought along our two dogs to join the Austin family’s three. Actually, it appeared all five enjoyed the company.
On a more serious level, once the Betterhalf and I caught our breath, we realized how lucky we were to be able to help out and our “labor of love” was all worth it. Arriving back home six days later to the quietness of our own home, we actually missed the fast-paced routine. However, we didn’t miss it enough to want to engage in it 365 days a year.
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RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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