Tri-Community Foundation adds new chapter to spirit of giving

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The local foundation for giving back and supporting area youth continues to grow stronger in our area.
Last week’s fourth annual Tri-Community Foundation event is proof positive that the concept of donating time and treasure to benefit local students has been fully embraced at High Plains Community School. A crowd of more than 350 alumni and area residents spent “An evening with the Storm,” generating more than $44,000 in revenue. Bidders were generous that night, offering as much as $500 for a single cake and obviously having a good time doing it.
The atmosphere in the Hordville Event Center was electric, reflecting support for not only the school, but also a newly created foundation that is really beginning to achieve its mission. Formed in 2015, the Tri-Community Foundation was established with the intent of raising money to assist local community projects, youth sports, school programs and scholarships.
What is unique about the Tri-Community Foundation is reflected in its name. TCF is organized by a volunteer board made up of members of the Polk, Clarks, and Hordville communities, youth sponsors, and school leaders. Alumni in the crowded gymnasium that night were graduates of Polk-Hordville High School and Clarks High School, as well as area residents, all of whom support the 2000 consolidation which created High Plains Community School.
It’s a combined community in that sense, one of many throughout rural Nebraska. Students typically adjust very quickly to such major change, while community bonds can take time to grow stronger. The sell-out crowd and donation totals suggest that process is going well 19 years later.
Students were front and center at last week’s event, helping serve the food, working the auction and saying thank you in their own way.
“Just like every small community across the state the school is really the heartbeat of the communities so for us to be able to help participate and help make that event happen in whatever capacity is very important to us,” High Plains Principal Cameron Hudson told the News-Register. “We wouldn’t be successful without the support of the communities.”
Hamilton County is known statewide for its exemplary spirit of giving, which is evident in the stagging combined total of more than $85 million donated to several local foundations. Hats off to the Tri-Community Foundation for establishing a new, successful chapter in that story.
Kurt Johnson

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