Nebraska spirit a bright spot in this flood-marred spring

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It’s hard to ignore the devastation of the floods that washed across much of Nebraska. It is also difficult to witness the flood-caused hardships to the citizens in the water and ice path. But, there is a bright spot and that is the fact that Nebraskans across the state joined together to help ease the hardships being experienced in those flood stricken areas.
Our own communities here in Hamilton County were among Nebraskans who stepped up. We are particularly proud of those individuals, businesses, organizations, and even schools which, through donated labor and supplies, helped ease the burden in flood-stricken towns such as Genoa, North Bend and St. Edward. We should have known to expect the effort of our own communities as well as those from across Nebraska.
Simply put: “We are Nebraskans and that’s what we do.”
Unofficial nationally-known spokesman for Dannebrog and small Nebraska towns Roger Welsch said it best: “It is so hopelessly trite. It’s the same tired old notion that Nebraskans don’t count on anyone else, we all pull together. We just get busy and do it and that’s what is really amazing, isn’t it?”
We admit it’s hard to smile during this devastation. One volunteer as he worked said it was hard to stay positive, but he was trying. “Everyone is just pulling together . . . there’s no politic talk, there’s no tax talk, there’s no party talk . . . it’s all hugs and it’s all the community,” he said.
We might add it’s too bad it took the devastation of a flood and ice to reinforce the point we all know: we’re proud and privileged to live in Nebraska.
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RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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