Size, intelligence of your pet dog is all relative

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As volunteers we quite frequently are questioned if we have any small dogs, puppies, cats or kittens available for adoption from the Aurora Adopt-A-Pet shelter.
In answering we point out there’s a difference of what a potential adopter can mean by “small.” The same holds true for an individual who asked for a “well-trained” pet which may mean a dog or cat that is house-broken, or one that can sit, lay down, etc. or just have general good manners.
While we have not been exposed to the intelligence that has been exhibited in the following tale about “Mr. Smith’s dog,” we must admit we have experienced some pretty smart dogs. The tale of Mr. Smith’s dog tells of a visitor who found Smith playing chess with his dog. The observant visitor said, “Mighty smart dog you’ve got there.”
“He ain’t so smart,” said Smith. “I beat him three out of four!”
My, how times have changed and that is exemplified when an old telephone directory dating back to July 1891 was found and contained interesting rules and regulations. Following are some of them:
The Central Office will give all available information regarding trains. Railroad companies object to the annoyance of repeated requests for such information.
Report of alarms of fire to the Central Office; do not undertake to call the Fire Department direct.
Any person may, with the consent of subscriber, use the telephone in case of accident or fire.
While the company desires to accommodate the public, employees should not be requested to deliver personal messages. The principals to a conversation must be present at the telephone.
Bringing you up to date in today’s world, we found this information on how “You know you’re an internet addict when. . .
You don’t know the sex of your three closest friends because they have neutral nicknames and you never bothered to ask.
Your wife drapes a blond wig over your monitor to remind you what she looks like.
You can’t call your mother . . . she doesn’t have a modem.
Your dog has his own home page.
You refer to going to the bathroom as downloading.”
At last, spring begins today (Wednesday)!

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