Former county boards to blame for EMS issues

Letters to the editor
Dear Editor:
I keep hearing that the main problem the county had with the EMS service was the union’s involvement. There would be not be a labor union involved if the EMS personal had been treated fairly by the past county boards. They were micro managed by commissioners who had no knowledge how to run the service. This led to the county losing many highly qualified people. The EMS personnel had no choice but to go union to protect themselves.
The entire blame lays with certain commissioners who thought being elected made them the smartest people in the county. No one knows everything, but the wise ones seek out experts on the subjects other than their coffee shop buddies, their non qualified friends or their banker. Studies from professional groups are also useless. If you hire a group to conduct a study the outcome of that study will reflect exactly what the group who hired them want it to reflect.
Two or three bad commissioners don’t just mess things up for their term in office, what they can do in one term can take many years to correct. I would like to know how much money was spent to employ the special attorney to fight the Commission of Industrial Relations. That is our taxpayer dollars fighting a problem caused by past commissioners.
The commissioner form of government would work well if we had a contractor, financial adviser, attorney, EMT and a banker on the board. Then most of the problems facing the county would have some one who has some experience in these matters. As we all know no one wants to run for office and step in to the mess created by others.
I lost a lot of respect for Sen. Friesen for introducing LB 415. Counties need a way to remove officials from office if they are not representing their constituents or what is best for the taxpayers of the county. If Sen. Friesen wishes to continue his fight for LB 415 he needs to include the right to recall the state senators as well.
Duane A. Katt

Hamilton County has lost two good commissioners
Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to the extraordinarily well-written, well-reasoned letter to the editor in the Feb. 27, 2019 edition of the Aurora News-Register from Gregg Kremer.
Given the undue, unfair, unsportsmanlike practices of union politics in connection with the ambulance service decision, Hamilton County has lost the services of two very valuable, very county-minded commissioners in the persons of Tim Bergen and Gregg Kremer.
Each of these men worked sincerely in the interests of all of the county’s taxpayers, urban and rural. They both understood and understand the necessity of practicing fiscal responsibility, spending (and refraining from spending) public money as wisely as possible. So-called “government money” at whatever level is not a never-failing well of dollars. All government entities are funded from taxes of various descriptions which all come ultimately from each of us, the tax-paying public. And in Hamilton County, as in most of Nebraska, an unfair proportion of that comes from real estate taxes.
It may be too late to backtrack on past bad decisions, but I sincerely hope that the future will show a greater exercise of good sense to benefit all of Hamilton County, not just select special-interest groups. And a BIG thank you to Gregg Kremer and Tim Bergen for years of faithful, selfless service.
Larry Nunneknamp


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