Sen. Friesen's bill to abolish recalls should be defeated

Letters to the editor
Dear Editor:
Limiting public input when it comes to politics is a danger to freedom. That is what would happen if Sen. Curt Friesen’s bill LB 415, dealing with eliminating the ability to recall elected officials, is passed.
In my opinion, the underlying reason that Sen. Friesen introduced this bill was due to the result of the commissioner situation where he had a personal interest in regards to who owned the ambulance service, which, in my opinion, crossed the line as a conflict of interest when representing the 34th District in the Legislature.
An elected official should listen to the majority of those who voted them in and act accordingly.
Recalls are an important way that changes can be made in a positive, peaceful way without a full-scale rebellion.
Remember that the right to petition is protected by the First  Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Our country’s Founding Fathers had a great amount of wisdom when writing the U.S. Constitution.
Please don’t let our state senator, Curt Friesen, defy the Constitution and attempt to take away the rights of the people.
LB 415 must be defeated.
Bonnie J. Campbell,

Grumble or be humble over snow
Dear Editor:
We have no right to ask when sorrow comes. “Why did this happen to me?” Unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way.” This is a quote from a Farm magazine from which my husband provided for his young wife to peruse many years ago. It got taped to the inside with more inside of one of my first cupboard doors and saved when a new kitchen was put into that lovely farm home. It also came along to the house that was “built to grow old in.”
It taught me to never ask “why me, Lord?” because that question digs a ‘pity pit,’ hard to get out of. Rather, the question has become. “Lord, what do You want me to learn?” He patiently answers in that special book of His to us, the Holy Bible.
We have just had another weekend of snow. We can react two ways. Grumble or humble?
This morning God gave me to share with anyone else who cares; Colossians 4:2-6 and Thessalonians 5:12-18 and Romans 8:28 before a few of the lessons about snow. Moses, Exodus 4:6 Job 38:4, Psalms 51 and 68 and 147, Isaiah 1:8, Matt. 8:26, Mark 4:41 and 9:3 and Rev. 1.
The point of Job; God answering our comments about ‘Mother Nature’. Isaiah 42:8.
Do we see the diamonds as it covers the ground with a rich blanket of nutrients? Just as the One in the bright white robe on the throne in heaven came down to earth and again ascended into heaven so that the purpose of the creation and gift of life of our own fearfully and wonderfully made bodies (Ps. 139) on earth, singed with sin, could be reclaimed through the holy, precious blood of Jesus to be fit again for the heaven planned for us. Philippians 2:10-11
Remembering again, one of my little children when in kindergarten saying, “Momma, I really like it when it snows and the family is in the house all together!” Now, this weekend he remarked, “I thought about Dad taking care of the animals.”
So, we also give thanks for the snows and the mist which the Lord God first used to water the earth in Genesis before the flood. And we give thanks for the dads, husbands, fathers, sons and daughters who enjoy the snow and/or clean the driveways, streets, roads, highways, farm lots, also mend electric lines and whatever it takes to keep a community thankful and blessed, before coming into their own abodes for a hot drink and some soup! We are blessed.
Norma Troester,

Shop at home for Thrift Shop project
Dear Editor:
The town of Aurora is always saying shop at home. This is good, and I hope Diane Keller shops in Aurora for the contractors to build the Thrift Shop expansion.
Budd Niles,


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