Your move, Mr. Moos

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 When some unsubstantiated rumors leaked out about NU Athletic Director Bill Moos a week ago, not only was I surprised, but whatever those stories were, I didn’t believe them for a minute.
In Bill I trust.
I’ve listened to him long enough on the radio and TV, and I’ve seen him in person interact with others, to be fairly certain that this negativity was either blown way out of proportion, or simply untrue.
I don’t envy him, either. In his position, as the head of a university sports staff, there’s bound to be people working under him who don’t always see eye-to-eye on some of the issues, people who may take it a step further to try to undermine him.
I don’t envy him for another reason, too. At the rate it’s going, he’s going to have to decide whether to fire another coach, his fifth since taking the job, or sit back and let Tim Miles go forward, giving him a chance to redeem himself next season.
Oh sure, you can boo hoo the fact that what I consider to be the Huskers’ best player, Isaac Copeland, went down last week with a season-ending knee injury. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that his team has no bench to speak of, dribbles way too much, and plays out of control half the time. It’s been this way for most of the season.
This was supposed to be Nebraska basketball’s coming out party. Win a game or even possibly two in the tournament. A sweet 16 season for the scrapbooks. Get the nation’s respect. Recruit a few more high-level players into the fold. Show that Pinnacle Bank Arena finally has a men’s program to be proud of.
That would be some huge, ground-breaking achievements for a program that during my lifetime has suffered more than it has prospered.
Whatever happened to this bunch following the narrow loss at home to Michigan State a couple weeks ago went directly to their brains. The red and white uniforms stayed the same, but this is now an entirely different team, one that Miles can’t seem to get a handle on. One player going out of the rotation shouldn’t equate to a re-start, but that’s exactly what he and some of the players have talked about.
A good program, a successful program, a high-level program, when a player gets injured, has that “next man up” mentality, plugging in someone off the bench without much of a glitch.
Husker football doesn’t have that either, but at least Frost has it heading in the right direction.
Bottom line, Nebraska hasn’t been fun to watch for a few weeks now. Even when they were winning, I’d grind my teeth with some of the obvious lapses in fundamentals. Not boxing out for rebounds, forced shots, silly turnovers, reaching on defense and shooting way too many threes put me on edge, and this from a team with four seniors leading the way.
Husker basketball fans deserve better. Season ticket holders deserve better. The past 121 seasons of Nebraska basketball deserve better.
Bottom line, this 122nd season is unacceptable. Your move, Mr. Moos.
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