Letters to the editor

We ask you to vote no on recall
Dear Editor:
“Shall Gregg Kremer be removed from the office of District 4 Hamilton County Commissioner?” We ask you to please vote  NO, and here’s why:     
Hardworking – Gregg works tirelessly researching data and checking facts, seeking experts’ opinions, speaking with other communities and officials, seeking answers to the tough questions.
 Integrity – Gregg is truthful with everyone that he talks to. He will give you his opinion openly and honestly based on the knowledge he has gained.
Progressive – Gregg continually strives to improve services and increase efficiencies in all departments.  He constantly pursues avenues to grow the county tax base through rural innovation and development.
Conservative – Gregg feels a deep responsibility to the people paying the bills and knows full well that safeguarding our resources will help sustain the way of life our Hamilton County residents expect.
Willing servant – Gregg gives back to the county just like family members before him, a true public servant giving time every day from his personal business to spend hours upon hours working to resolve the concerns of all his constituents.
Gregg has willingly and honestly shared his views on many issues over the past six years. Should one vote on one controversial issue where he stays true to his belief, cause him to be removed from office and no longer serve this county?  If that’s the case then all public officials who cast a vote contrary to some people’s views should be looking over their shoulder.
We need more public servants with the values Gregg lives by. Vote NO to removing Gregg Kremer.
County commissioners Rich Nelson, Bobby Parks and Becky Richter

Conference shows it’s cool
to be Christian
Dear Editor:
I wish to take a moment to salute the youth of Hamilton County and several recent graduates of Aurora High School.
Jadyn Cattau, Jared Glinn and Todd Honas recently attended a conference dedicated to growing their friendship with Jesus Christ. The conference was held Jan. 3-7 in Indianapolis. Some 12,000 students attended from 626 campuses in the United States as well as several from overseas.
The conference is called SEEK. The Holy Bible has numerous exhortations to seek the truth. Perhaps the Scriptural “seeking” most familiar is found in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 7, verse 7, where Jesus says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Through dynamic speakers, beautiful intimacy with God’s Word and Sacrament, engaging vendors of diversified ministries, and enthusiastic praise and worship concerts, 12,000 youth and many adults sought greater union with the Almighty.  
SEEK is sponsored by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). According to their website (FOCUS.org), FOCUS was founded in 1998 and invites college students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church, inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship and friendships in which they lead others to do the same.
I too attended the conference and was gratified to see students representing many campuses in Nebraska, including Doane University, Wayne State College, the University of Nebraska-Kearney, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In fact, UNL with 325 students was the campus with the largest group (Huskers really like being No. 1!).
Our society in general does not encourage us older generations to place much hope in the young people of today. When Americans are surveyed to identify their religion, many of the younger respondents reply “None.”  I have heard that in the 2010s, the None’s have surpassed all other religions to rank No. 1 over all other membership in all other church communities in our nation.
We do well to acknowledge that we have hope in our youth of Aurora and across Hamilton County.  Schools here have staffs (and supportive stakeholders) who are blessed to impart values to current collegians like Jadyn, Jared, and Todd.  They are members of the congregations I serve; they and their peers make me quite proud. Support our youth by your prayers and encouragement, in our families, our communities, and our schools.  And let our youth know that places like Indianapolis from Jan. 3-7 show that it is cool to be Christian!
Rev. Loras K. Grell,
St. Mary’s Church, Aurora

Attaining GED well worth time and effort
Dear Editor:
As a member of the Aurora GED Advisory Committee, I would like to take a few minutes to encourage anyone who has not received their GED diploma to seek out the opportunity to be enrolled in the program available at the Alice M. Farr Library here in Aurora.  
We have an instructor who is available to assist you in getting your diploma. Many studies have proven that with a diploma a student can earn thousands of dollars more than without one. There is also financial help paying for the cost of the testing through the Hamilton Community Foundation. This is a full-time commitment for anyone who is trying to better themselves by furthering their education.  
For more information, please come to the library to get answers to any questions you might have. The instructor is available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Barbara Graham,

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