Citizens share views on recall election

Vote no on
Kremer recall
Dear Editor:
This community has a recall election coming up in a couple of weeks. Having known Gregg Kremer for quite some time and having a great deal of respect for him, I asked myself “why is someone like Gregg Kremer the subject of a recall election?”  When I think about the qualities I would want to see in one of our elected officials, I think about integrity and fairness. I think about someone who is objective, someone who will study and do their homework on the issues that come before them. I think about someone who cares about their constituents, someone who worries about making sure the citizens get the quality of services they want and deserve. I think about someone that is conscientious about managing the funds that have been entrusted by his or her constituents for the purpose of providing those services. I also think about someone who will stand up for the position he or she believes is correct, even if it is not the position others or I might take on any one issue.  Gregg Kremer has all those positive qualities and characteristics and he conducts himself in a manner that is consistent with those qualities and characteristics.  
Voicing ones opposition to a position that Commissioner Kremer may have taken on a particular issue is certainly the right of each and every citizen.  However, removing a qualified elected official from office solely because of a position they have taken on a controversial issue is not the right answer. Gregg Kremer is one of our best public servants by any meaningful measurement. I encourage you to support Gregg Kremer and vote “No” on Feb. 12, 2019.
Gary Warren,

Vote yes on
Kremer recall
Dear Editor:
Feb. 12, 2019 is the upcoming recall vote for Commissioner Gregg Kremer. Signatures were collected with a resounding message within his district that voters did not feel represented and wished to exercise their right to initiate a recall of an elected official. There has been much debate over the reason, but I believe Tanner Greenough was clear when he submitted the petition and it is obvious from the signatures collected that he was not the only person who felt as strongly as he did on the issues.
It has been over a year since the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners voted to stop “kicking the can down the road.” Now, much has been accomplished on moving the issue of ambulance service forward, but the one thing that cannot be ignored is that when the board voted to continue negotiations with the City of Aurora, Kremer voted against this. He voted against what the citizens of Hamilton County have spoken up about on many occasions when he was the very one who wanted to move this issue forward in 2018, so why vote against a solution that would end this issue with the best interest of the citizens of Hamilton County in mind? This is a solution that will also keep people coming to Aurora and Hamilton County, allowing this community to keep growing like it is and keep on being one of the best in Nebraska.
Other voters within his and other districts have also cited the current condition of roads or disapproval of other decisions made over the last several years. Some have even questioned the sale of the bed licenses from the Hamilton Manor. To the citizens of Hamilton County who stood up and voiced their concerns along with signing the recall petition, I applaud you for standing up and exercising your right as a voter.
Remember on Feb. 12 why you agreed with Tanner in the first place and vote Yes to recall Commission Gregg Kremer. Continue to let your voice as a voter and a taxpayer be heard within Hamilton County.
Matt Hedge,


Pachta family says thank you
Dear Editor:
     Nicolas Daniel Pachta
 June 6, 2000 - Feb. 2, 2018
To: Dr. Dan and Jaime (Nicolas) Pachta, sister Ashley and brother Mitchell. Our hearts went out to you as you said goodbye and let go of someone you loved so much a year ago.
Thanks to all of you who have made the journey with us through your prayers, cards, visits, notes and acts of kindness and love throughout this last year. We want to say THANK YOU. As we look back as grandparents, a sense of gratitude and thanks to all of you who have helped ease our burden.
To everyone who has gone the “extra mile” in this community, Father Grell, St. Mary’s God Teens, the Aurora School System, the football team, 4-H and FFA groups and all those special ones, our hats go off to all of you.
Nick, we have often wondered what Heaven must be like. Your first Easter and Christmas Eve in Heaven. We can only imagine. You must have been watching the county fair in July, your football team bring home the state championship trophy. They have not forgotten you. The Lord has shared you with us for 17 years and we as a family have not forgotten you or your love.
As grandparents, your name is written on our hearts, Nick, you are not forgotten and we love you and miss you.
With much love,
Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mimi Nicolas and Grandpa John and Grandma Fran Pachta, Bellwood, Neb.

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