YETI event offers opportunity for growth on many levels

Technology will take center stage Feb. 2 in a unique Aurora event which will showcase high-tech innovation as well as the host community.
The Aurora Open and Innovation Showcase is a robotics tournament at its core, though it is evolving into so much more than that thanks to organizer Chad Johnson.
Aurora’s own “Energizer Bunny” has long had a passion and vision to engage students in hands-on technical challenges, convinced that those types of experiences will eventually open doors to valuable career opportunities. That’s not a huge leap of logic these days, as a number of local businesses will be offering hands-on lessons on how they use innovation right here in Aurora and Hamilton County.
What’s noteworthy about the planning for this year’s event is that Johnson took his vision to a higher level by working to create a business-to-business exchange as well. So while robots will be going toe to toe, bolt to bolt inside the rings, business leaders will be networking throughout the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, hopefully exchanging ideas, perhaps planting seeds for partnerships, and at the very least interacting with bright young minds that represent their future workforce.
From a broader perspective, the Feb. 2 event reflects a growing culture here in Aurora. Every town likes to consider itself modern, progressive and forward-thinking and this Youth Engaged in Technology and Innovation (YETI) event will demonstrate that Hamilton County is ahead of the curve in that regard. It’s a fun gig just to watch for fun, though there will be a lot of learning and growing going on as well.
Johnson has issued an open invitation to any and all who want to join in the fun. (See related story in this week’s edition for details.) Truth be told, it will take a lot of manpower to make this one-day opportunity all that it can be. So whether you are 18 or 81, tech savvy or app challenged, there is a role for you to play.
The News-Register plans to cover this event in depth, though at this point the focus is on getting as many people involved as possible. It will take a small army of 80 or so volunteers to pull it off and we urge you to log on by offering your time and energy to a most worthy endeavor.
Kurt Johnson

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