Man up -- There are some advantages to being a male

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A recent comment obviously coming from a male friend pointed out that there are some good things about being a man. In today’s society we males sometimes forget that we actually do have some advantages.
Our friend then stressed some of the man pluses. Here are a few of his comments:
“If you’re 40 and single nobody notices. Underwear is about $15 for a pack of three. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. Men’s bathroom lines at NU football games are 90 percent shorter. You get to keep your last name when getting hitched.”
And our friend continues with these other observations: “Hair technicians don’t overcharge you. You can be showered and out the door in 10 minutes. You don’t care if no one notices your new haircut. Owning more than three pairs of shoes is a waste. If you’re retaining water it isn’t in your canteen. The remote control is yours and yours alone.”
And here’s a few more: “If another guy shows up at a party wearing the same outfit as you, he instantly becomes your buddy” . . . and in conclusion, “You know at least 20 different ways to open a beer bottle.”
Several months ago the State of Nebraska suspended work on a massive social services computer system, opening the possibility that a project which had already cost nearly $60 million could be scrapped because the state had become concerned about the ability of the contractor to complete the $84 million job.
The state attempted to soften the announcement by saying 90 percent of the price tag is being picked up by the federal government, with the state having paid about $6 million to date on its share.
Wait a minute! I assume we Nebraskans not only pay state taxes, but federal taxes as well. It seems we will then also pay some portion of the federal government’s 90 percent obligation.
Colorado continues to “reap” the (benefits?) of legalized marijuana sales. However, I think the drug activity has gone a little too far when a new bride and groom were the hosts of what was billed as a “weed wedding.”
A reminder: Life is like a roll of toilet paper. It seems to go faster as you get toward to end.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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