Don’t fret those senior moments we all share

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Fortunately or unfortunately, we oldsters have senior moments. Unfortunately those senior moments can be frustrating. Fortunately when we need a subject for a column, senior moments can be pretty handy . . . if we can remember them.
Our memory got a boost a week ago when friend Herb Peters brought a book, “1,000 unforgettable Senior Moments” to our regular early morning coffee club. The book caused a lot of chuckles particularly when the author Tom . . .uh … Friedman said why he had published a second edition was because he felt most readers couldn’t remember all of his first edition.
We must admit Friedman’s book was reassuring to many of us who seem to be suffering more and more from our own senior moments remind us we are not alone. In fact, looking at his bibliographical notes, they report the stories in his books are true (as far as anyone can remember).
As we read through the book, our own frustration with our own senior moments began to subside. We realized many of our senior moments were commonplace and we really weren’t alone. In fact, we were reassured there had been lots of indications senior moments were not confined to just us oldsters. It was noted “junior moments” had appeared earlier in our lives as we were younger and we couldn’t find our misplaced jacket . . . or remember to turn off the lights . . . or forgot to complete a school assignment.
There were many examples in Friedman’s book that we had experienced. We remember actress Betty White recalling of an ultimate senior exercise that was keeping her fit. “I have a two-story house and a bad memory,” she explained. “I’m up and down those stairs all the time asking, ‘What did I come up here for again?’”
And when Winston Churchill was asked, “Remember me?” by someone who escaped his memory, he would reply, “Why should I?”
In closing, author Friedman gives his viewpoint of senior moments. “If you can’t recall what keys are for, you have a big problem and need professional help. But if you can’t remember where you placed them, you might as well just laugh it off.”
He then adds, “Embrace your senior moments . . . Just don’t try to remember them!”

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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