Quality award sends positive message about local hospital

“Care Matters” at Aurora’s Memorial Hospital.
An organizational initiative by that name has been sending a message to everyone who works for and visits any MCHI facility. The message is that by focusing on quality, outcomes, safety and patient satisfaction each and every day the level of care patients receive here will be consistently good.
That attention to detail has earned Memorial Hospital noteworthy recognition, and simultaneously put our community in a positive spotlight.
A story in this week’s edition shares insight on the Rural Provider Excellence in Quality Award from the Nebraska Office of Rural Health. Memorial Hospital was one of 10 critical access hospitals in the state to receive this honor, which speaks volumes about the level of healthcare available here in Hamilton County.
Awards like this aren’t about the recognition ceremonies or plaques that hang on the wall. Rather, they let community members know that if and when they have need to seek medical care MCHI is committed to taking good care of them. That assurance provides a peace of mind that has immeasurable value when health challenges arise.
This award involves Nebraska-based recognition, though the criteria used to determine the Top 10 honorees is based on comprehensive evaluation of national care standards. In other words, MCHI board members, doctors and support personnel are taking steps to ensure that the quality of care available here in rural Nebraska is as good or better than anywhere in America. That’s a very big deal.
Knowing that quality health care is one of those essential spokes in the wheel necessary for any  community to thrive and survive, this award is worth celebrating.
Congratulations to all involved for setting the bar high and taking the steps necessary to provide top-notch health care here at home.
Kurt Johnson

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