Discouraged? Compare your problems to others

If you are discouraged, compare your problems with those of the father who wrote this letter. Note particularly the last paragraph. The daughter wrote that she was coming home with her husband to live with father. Father wrote as follows:
“Dear Daughter:
I note from your letter that you are coming home with Wilfred and the children to live with us because Wilfred received an ‘adjustment’ in his salary, which was an insult to him. Wilfred, I assume, feels he cannot endure the insult.
As you know, your brother Frank came home with his wife about a month ago after his salary had been ‘reconsidered.’ Your sister Elsie, who had been a secretary to an officer of a corporation, recently had to take a position as a stenographer. She resigned because she refused to be reduced to the level of a plain stenographer, so we are expecting her any day.
You asked about my own business. It is coming along fine. It was sold on the courthouse steps last Friday, but there were no bidders, so the sheriff let me keep it. That makes the best month I have had since the upturn.
 Your loving father”
Several months ago I mentioned the Betterhalf had purchased a new robot vacuum cleaner. The appliance eased her floor cleaning chores which included my occasional vacuuming of the family room and living rooms. After those several months of use I found that the term, “Appliance” is not an accurate description of the cleaner. Once I was the man of house, but recently I heard the Betterhalf referring to the robot as “My guy.” Thus, I have been demoted and the cleaner is now become a member of the family.
This robot movement has started a trend that could increase unemployment not only in housecleaning, but in other areas as well.
For example from an indoor robotic farm in California robotic farmers also roll through startup warehouses in San Francisco tending plants and transferring them from smaller to larger growing pods. The packages of red romaine, basil and leafy vegetables are destined to soon be in area restaurants and supermarkets.
Pet owners may not be immune from the robotic craze. Scientists are working on a robotic cat that can keep a person company, doesn’t need a litter box and can remind an aging relative to take her medicine.
Now, it has become obvious to me that this world is moving way too fast for me to keep up.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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