Burning calories just thinking about the new year

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Soon we will be turning over a new leaf and heading into a new year, which means many of us will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Which also means, judged on past experiences, good intentional resolutions for the next year are meant to be broken.
Among the most common resolutions is one that we vow to lose weight and just in time we found a guide to the number of calorie activities per hours they consume. Here are those guidelines:
Beating around the bush, 75 calories; jumping to conclusions, 100 calories; climbing the walls, 150; swallowing your pride, 50; passing the buck, 25; throwing your weight around (depending on your weight), 50 to 300.
Dragging your heels, 100; pushing your luck, 250; making mountains out of molehills, 500; hitting the nail on the head, 50; wading through paperwork, 300; bending over backwards, 75.
Jumping on the bandwagon, 200; balancing the books, 25; running around in circles, 350; eating crow, 225; tooting your own horn, 25; climbing the ladder of success, 750; pulling out all stops, 75.
Adding fuel to the fire, 160; wrapping up at a day’s end, 12; opening a can of worms, 50; putting your foot in your mouth, 300; covering your tracks, 165.
Starting the ball rolling, 90; going over the edge, 25; picking up the pieces after, 350; counting eggs before they hatched, 6; cracking a smile, 35; and calling it quits, 2.
We picked up a few New Year’s wishes:
“May you have health and happiness complete . . . and wealth enough to get those ends to meet.”
And here’s a wish seemed to be directed to me: “May the New Year bring you health and wealth and happiness, which is probably a darn sight more than you deserve.”
Seriously, the Betterhalf and I extended our wishes that you have a great and prosperous 2019!

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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