Holiday greetings celebrate faith-based Christmas message

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A lot of things have changed in the way we celebrate Christmas these days, but one constant is the warm fuzzy, that priceless sense of connection, we get from holiday greetings that come our way.
Long before we’ll gather around the Christmas tree to exchange gifts, an array of colorful cards and letters start arriving from friends and family, filled with photos, summaries of the year that was 2018 and genuine holiday greetings. It’s a highlight of the season for me, personally, so it is with great joy that the News-Register staff offers this week’s edition as a giant Christmas card to the community, from the community.
More so than perhaps any other edition of the year, this week’s ANR is filled with feel-good stories told by and about your friends and neighbors and what the holiday means to them. Among the many stories you’ll read this week we asked pre-school and elementary students to weigh in on the subject, and even sat down for an exclusive with the big guy himself -- aka Santa Claus -- who shared some interesting insight. That’s a must-read story on Page C1, FYI.
At a time when news of the day from around the globe and on social media is so often focused on the negative, We look forward to publishing our annual Christmas edition. It represents what community journalism is all about, in my view, and provides some heartfelt insight about things that really matter.
The edition you are reading today is more than just the latest version of all the local news that’s fit to print.
It’s a feeling former publisher Butch Furse helped create years ago with the News-Register’s annual holiday edition. Paula and I are pleased to carry on that tradition, and it wouldn’t be possible without a month of extra effort from our entire staff.
I so look forward to this time of year, when friends, extended family, neighbors and classmates reach out to catch up. It doesn’t matter so much if the forum involves phone calls, holiday visits and/or Christmas cards and letters. It’s all good, and the more the merrier.
The underlying theme echoes a faith-based message that cuts to the core of it all.
“Forgiveness and giving the ultimate gift,” Santa Claus concluded in his ANR interview. “The reason for the season has always been the Christ child. That’s the whole reason for it all.”
Amen to that, and praise the Lord that we live in a place where we can share and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Kurt Johnson

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