Feeling blessed, despite slighlty slower pace of life

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For the third time this week my Betterhalf has asked if our Christmas letter was done. Ever since my retirement 18 years ago the obligation of writing the Christmas letter has been my duty and apparently she has plans for me continuing as editor for this year.
I am troubled because I just read a magazine article where a biomedical gerontologist (What a title!) predicted soon people will live to be 1000 years of age. According to my calculation I could have 920 more Christmas letters to edit. My only hope is that I won’t be in charge of keeping up a current mailing list for our letter.
As I bumbled through the editing of this year’s letter reporting 2018 happenings, I realized our activities were beginning to slow. There aren’t as many lights on our outdoor tree. The traditional electric train that was given to me by Santa in 1947 is not this year operating under our indoor Christmas tree. And when a string of lights failed that usually was strung over the fireplace mantle, the Betterhalf didn’t stubbornly search for the culprit that caused the malfunction – she just went with less lighting. And this year, as the grandkids get older and have more activities, it’s difficult to have those large family holiday celebrations with everyone in attendance.
Now don’t misunderstand, our apparent 2018 Christmas slowdown has not turned our home into a “Scrooge Palace.” The Betterhalf continues to pour her holiday energy into early baking of lots of traditional Christmas goodies. That has been followed by my increased sugar intake and consequential weight gain even before December 25.
An abundance of home-cooked foods still dot our table even when only the two of us are dining. The idea of celebrating Christmas peace is not lost when we sit in a quiet atmosphere; the fireplace ablaze; and our old LP records playing Christmas music featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Andy Williams, Julie Andrews, Bing Crosby and a host of others.
Yes, life is still good despite some unwanted slowdowns. While we think maybe some of our wants may not have been met, there’s no question all of our needs certainly have met. We are blessed.
So now let us wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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