Christmas shopping not at top of the holiday list for all

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The other evening the Betterhalf after reading the newspaper said she had found a great Christmas gift for our brother-in-law. I was elated because the brother-in-law generally buys what he wants or needs. That attitude leaves little room for us Christmas gift-hunters to adequately fill his stocking.  
Now it appeared difficult shopping may have eased a bit when she announced his stocking was going to be filled with an electronic gadget that communicated via Goggle. I should have known better . . . there was about to be a catch to her simple solution. She asked me if I would like to go with her in making the purchase. “No thanks,” I said and added, “I don’t have any idea what you call the thing or how even how it works.”
My Christmas shopping generally in later years has become simply writing a few checks or getting gift cards. I have had too many memories of picking wrong colors, sizes, returns, or even inadequate gifts.
Finally her perseverance prevailed and I did accompany her. That consent in my one weak moment reinforced my earlier feelings. Check writing, or gift cards are still my priority for Christmas giving.
Probably the person most disappointed with a Christmas present was the oldster who received an electric toothbrush. He says it kicks his dentures out of his mouth.
Life has become a comedy for us senior citizens. I feel sorry for our children because they may have to put up with us in future years.
A man who had dropped in at his favorite bar for a beer noticed an old fellow gulping down glass after glass of beer as fast as he could be served. He reached out with his free hand for the next glass while the first glass was still at his lips. The onlooker watched in amazement and then tapped the old fellow on the shoulder.
“Hey,” he asked anxiously, “is that any way to drink a beer?”
“Sure is,” answered the old timer with a chuckle. “I can’t do it any other way since my accident.”
“What accident?”
“Brother,” answered the old fellow as he blanched at the mere memory, “I once had a beer knocked over!”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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