Never try to second guess Mother Nature

Even at our age we learned another hard lesson. That lesson: “Don’t try to fool Mother Nature.”
A few weeks ago we headed south to spend Thanksgiving with our son in Tennessee. When we planned our return to the Midwest on Saturday, we found Mother Nature threw a wrench into our plans. Rain, potential snow and wind caused us to delay one day in our departure.
Rain was predicted in eastern Missouri with snow predicted in the Kansas City and Nebraska areas for Sunday. But, I conveyed my astute observation there was a window of opportunity to slip through the weather threats. “If we leave Sunday we could drive in rain through Missouri; stay in KC on Sunday night after a 3-inch snowfall and head into Nebraska on Monday morning.”
Later, it was obvious best laid plans can go astray. In Central Missouri the rain prediction changed to snow and roads became snow-packed and icy forcing us to seek evening shelter well short of our destination. That first night we took shelter in a motel that was in normal weather less than one hour from Kansas City.
While we were grateful we found a motel in a small community we overlooked many of the  expected amenities. Let’s just say the Betterhalf described it simply, “At least it is clean.”
The next morning our short 50-mile jaunt to KC took nearly five hours thanks to the icy road and a two-hour wait for truck wreckage that blocked our road. It was also noted the three inch predicted snowfall for western Missouri reached nine inches or more . . . and most of that was still icy-packed on I-29. Snow plows were more than noticeably absent. Those situations prevented us to limit our speed not above 45 mph until we neared Nebraska City.
Aha! Nebraska never looked so good and a few hours later, our household looked even better!
The Betterhalf and I have had a few disagreements over the years, but we now agree on a few points when setting a traveling schedule. Number one: “Don’t try to out-think Mother Nature. Second point: There will be no more traveling during the holidays . . . and let’s just opt to stay home.
A viewpoint that’s easy to agree with: “I like winter because I can stay indoors without feeling guilty.”

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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