Team unity a key ingredient to Huskies state championship

The 2018 football season had a different look and feel in Aurora, but when the final whistle blew all of Husky Nation was feeling good.
This year’s team ran the table, going a perfect 13 and 0 in its Class C-1 debut. It was an impressive run, to be sure, dotted with new state records, a couple of come-from-behind wins and a lifetime of memories for a very talented team.
What stood out for this squad, besides its explosive offense, was a sense of team unity and a desire to just go out and have fun playing a game they love. There was a genuine sense on the sidelines that these guys had each other’s back, not worrying about who had the most yards or best statistics, but rather that the Huskies kept getting better, play by play, game by game. That was evident by season’s end, when Coach Kyle Peterson concluded that his team was playing its best football of the year on both sides of the ball when it mattered most.
Mission accomplished!
Peterson and his coaching staff deserve high praise for running a quality football program, not just for winning a lot of games. Going into this season, the head Husky said that his No. 1 goal was for every young man on the roster to have a positive experience playing high school football, whether they be a full-time starter, scout team member or first-year freshman.
Members of the 1968, 2008 and 2009 Aurora title teams who were honored during the season say its the relationships, bus rides and time with their teammates they remember years later, more so than the wins and losses. Judging by the sideline demeanor and post-game huddles, it’s a sure bet that each Husky on the 2018 title team will cherish their role and individual experience more than the gold medal they brought home last week from Lincoln.
Again, mission accomplished!
As for the change in NSAA classification, there was much talk before the season began about Aurora’s move to Class C-1 in football, locally as well as perhaps statewide. It would have been interesting to see how this team might have fared in Class B, as some will contend that this Husky squad could have competed with the best of the best in Class B as well.
Much like the 1997 Nebraska vs. Michigan matchup, however, we’ll never know how a Class B schedule and potential playoff run might have played out.
And to this year’s team, it doesn’t matter. They embraced the challenge in front of them, played each game “like their hair was on fire” and let the cards fall where they may, winning with class while representing their school and hometown extremely well.
Well done, Huskies.
by Kurt Johnson

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