EMS talks focused on three key issues

City and county officials reported continued progress Monday in their efforts to negotiate terms to provide local ambulance services.

Five members of the joint negotiations committee met for more than two hours Monday afternoon, ending the session with plans to meet again next week.
“I think at this point we’re much closer than we were a couple of weeks ago,” said Rich Nelson, chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and a member of the negotiations committee, along with Commissioner Becky Richter. “I think the biggest element we have to discuss is our share of the overall funding. The city has given us a number and we are seriously considering that number as our subsidy for a service that would serve not only Hamilton County rural residents, but also citizens within Aurora.”
Mayor Dave Long was brief in his summary of Monday’s discussions.
“At this time we’re working on three bullet points to come to agreement on,” Long said. Also serving on the negotiations committee on behalf of the city are City Administrator Rick Melcher and Councilman Dick Phillips.
“We’re just trying to find a way the two sides can come together and provide this valuable service for the community,” Nelson concluded.

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