Church dinners a recipe for men to pitch in

November has been a busy month for church luncheons and dinners. Women church circle members have been busy making pies, soups, sandwiches and other goodies. But, there has been more. In some cases men have been recruited . . .  and I joined a male cast of recruits who of course were asked by our Betterhalves.
In my case my culinary skills are very limited since the Betterhalf during our 59 years of marriage told me to keep out of the kitchen while she was fixin’ dinner. I did, however, hone my skills on clearing the table, sometimes drying a few dishes, or taking out the garbage. Those skills go me a “job” at our church luncheon a few weeks ago.
I was in charge of filling coffee cups, glasses of ice tea and water from a dispenser as patrons passed through the food line. My duty was performed under the strict supervision of one of the female circle veterans who made sure my coffee was poured directly from a hot pot and there was adequate ice in the tea and water glasses.
My supervisor apparently felt I did an adequate job. She allowed me to advance to a more difficult workload of refilling drinks at the tables as well as even picking up trays and taking them to the kitchen.
I did notice while my overseer had confidence in my ability, some of the women diners may have had some doubt as to my drink-filling ability. After pouring refills at several tables I found patrons handing me their cups or glasses instead of allowing me to reach and pour at the table.
I must admit I felt I did a pretty good job. Maybe there was a dribble or two, but no spills, or cleanup was necessary. And best of all, when the luncheon of was over I was dismissed without having any late kitchen duty.
I also made a couple of observations. Those women who brought all the goodies and did the serious work are darn good cooks. They take pride in their efforts and judge their efforts by several factors. The number one criteria and obviously most important in their judgement is the simple fact, “If all their pies and salads are gone . . . it has been a great day.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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