Random thoughts on LEDs, elections, Thanksgiving

The election is out of the way and that means we won’t be agitated by what seemed as a 24-hour stream of daily political advertisements. Now political strife can move back to Washington DC.
One voter noted he was not so interested as to where a politician “stood” as he was in which direction the politician was moving.
Actually it was refreshing to see the high percentage of voters and particularly the number of young voters making it to the polls. After all, those young voters are going to shape the direction of their own future.
Unfortunately, I’m not too proud in some of the examples we old adults have left them.
 An admiral heading a bureau in Washington was sure he knew more about highly technical matters than the experts. He refused to accept recommendations without numerous trivial corrections, and the bureau’s work lacked sadly.
Prodded to speed up operations, the admiral summoned his staff for a lecture on the necessity of streamlining procedures. “Whatever bottlenecks exist,” he commanded, “I demand you get rid of them. Any comments?”
“Sir,” said an irreverent reserve officer, “In my experience with bottles, I’ve observed that the necks are always at the top.”
We haven’t got to Thanksgiving yet and already I’ve seen three weeks “the season’s lowest prices” featured in In-Store-Only Black Friday Sales. Now, I’m not a shopper, but it appears we have six more Black Fridays until Christmas.
Switching to LED lightbulbs is supposed to save money. One metro Nebraska community switched its traffic lights to LED bulbs, but the plan went on the blink.
The city found the cooler operating traffic light bulbs are too cool to melt the snow. Consequently snow caked on the lights thus making it hard for drivers to see the signals’ green, yellow and red lighting. A replacement solution is underway. The cost was not mentioned.
It’s been observed that Thanksgiving can come after Christmas for people over 30.
Another observation has been made about Thanksgiving. That observation: On Thanksgiving Day all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment – halftime.
We are told if you do housework at $$$ an hour that is domestic service. If you do it for nothing, that’s matrimony.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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