Voter turnout tops 62 percent Tuesday

As the final tallies rolled in for the 2018 general election, Hamilton County election official Jill DeMers took a brief break to comment on the overall nature of the election and voter turnout.
“The weather was great and we had a lot of people at the polls,” DeMers began. “We had a great turnout. There were people in line before 8 a.m. ready to vote, so it was a great day.”
DeMers also thanked all of the poll workers for their support throughout the process.
“They just help make the whole process run so smooth,” she said. “They’ve been doing elections, they know what’s going on and they have a wealth of knowledge.”
DeMers noted a higher voter turnout and stated that the ballots came in in good time. The ballots went through the machines well and overall she felt the whole day ran smoothly.
According to unofficial election totals, this year’s general election saw a voter turnout total of 62.8 percent of all registered voters in Hamilton County.
More specifically, out of 6,640 registered voters at the last count, 4,174 ballots were counted.  


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