Halloween candy selection can be a trick, and a treat

We made it through Halloween and the trick and treaters. In our area it’s a little slower than a continual doorbell ringing and it’s not because we turn off all the lights in the household.
 You see in our location the houses are located on only one side of the street while empty lots lay across on the other side. Also we live in a two-block area where street lights are few and darkness prevails. Still, we prepare with treats for those potential tricksters.
Over the years our Halloween preparations have changed for the Betterhalf and me. Simply put, “we once bought candy for the kids and batch of candy was always left over.” Now, we buy our favorite candies that we personally favor a few days ahead of Halloween and hope candy is left over for our trick and treaters. Several past years our sweet tooth got a little ambitious and we found we needed to make a late run to the store for another stash of replacement hard candies.
The consequence of our Halloween purchases has become complicated. Do we purchase candies the Betterhalf and I like, or do we go for the general mass of mixed candies for the youngsters?
We remind ourselves that Halloween is for the youngsters, so we should concentrate on the candies the youngsters enjoy. To a certain degree we hold to that thought of favoring the youngsters. But, our adult greed seems to also take over and we submit to an alternative. The Betterhalf and I both like chocolate which means our Halloween candy purchases are dominated by our choice of favorite chocolate goodies.
We rationalize that we’re paying the candy bill which means we should have priority over the candy selection. We strive to keep back a few favorite goodies when the doorbell rings as we carefully promote the hard candies over chocolates telling them there’s a better selection of hard candies over plain old chocolate. When our Halloween night ends, we hope there’s an ample supply of our favorites left for us.
However, there is still one more problem. The Betterhalf favors chocolate-covered coconut candies while my favorite is just plain old solid chocolate. Doggone it . . .  I’ve been tricked again this year! She bought more chocolate-covered coconut candies instead of my favorite.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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