Veterans bring perspective, valuable skill set to workforce

The News-Register staff turned the spotlight toward a most deserving subject this week with our annual workforce recognition edition.
Ask any entrepreneur, corporate executive or local manager what makes or breaks the bottom line and you’ll get the same answer no matter what the industry, current economic climate or location. It’s the people, the boots on the ground workforce, that gets things done.
The hard-working men and women who turn the soil, manage the store, teach our children, fix our vehicles and in various ways keep the economic engine of Hamilton County humming along are indeed the backbone of our community, state and nation. It’s fitting and oh so important to tip the hat once in a while to the local workforce, which we’re proud to do with this week’s special edition.
This project has taken a number of different approaches in that regard over the years, featuring husband/wife co-owners; long-time employees who bring years of experience to the job; then and now -- comparing today’s work environment with yesteryear; and last year looking at the challenges of both hiring for and working the night shift. There are so many different aspects of the workforce it’s not hard to find a tale worth telling.
This year we took that boots on the ground angle quite literally, seeking out military veterans to share their perspective on how Uncle Sam’s unique training is helping them now, years later, as members of the local workforce. Our news staff talked to teachers, business owners, law enforcement personnel, a professional chef, a corporate vice president and others to gather input for stories well worth reading.
One point that jumps off the page, in my view, is that stress on the job is all relative. As one veteran put it, “One day you are being shot at, bled on and things are blowing up around you. You leave that chapter of your life and now we run a kitchen. It doesn’t compare, not even remotely close, as far as the stress. I bring that to the table here, joking with staff that if nobody is bleeding and if nothing blew up, it’s not that big of a deal.”
Talk about perspective. Wow! Comments like that make you think, not only about the sacrifice veterans make on our behalf, but also about how we react to challenges in our daily work routines. As we approach Veteran’s Day, we say thank you and tip the hat to all who have put on or are now wearing a military uniform.
The News-Register’s workforce salute also recognizes where your friends and neighbors go to work every day. We think you’ll enjoy scanning through the many staff photos from local businesses, connecting the dots on who is behind the scenes of Hamilton County’s business world.
Our community just wouldn’t work without you.
Kurt Johnson

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