Simple life of retirement not so simple after all

Many of us can recall when we lived the simple life, or what we tab as the time before passwords, desktops, smart phones, touch systems, nuke cooking, voice recognition security, auto infotainment system and the list goes on and on.
As we aged we had hoped to have gained enough knowledge making our lives more comfortable and less confusing. Instead we are more confused than ever in trying to improve our comfort level.
We were pretty proud years ago when we converted our household to a one key operation where one key could match the locks on all our home doors, garage door and even the deadbolt locks. Today, people punch away on keyboards hoping they remembered the correct sequence of numbers just to open the door of their home or garage.
I admit I am a slow learner and fail to accept change rapidly. For example, our car is two years old and I still have not mastered the screen navigation system; take phone calls; or install the voice recognition settings. If that’s not bad enough, I have trouble even finding a radio station on the “home page,” let alone using the suggested steering wheel controls.
Inside the home the microwave was the wave of the future and the Betterhalf believes that. But for me, microwave prep also has been an inconvenience, even after the Betterhalf has prepared a dinner plate if she is going to be away from home at mealtime.
The old stove was a simple cooking machine. Turn the burner to high and heat the food. As for the microwave and its push button panel, I must determine if I am using a dinner plate, or smaller. Is it a frozen entrée, or pre heat or defrost? What is the power level and cook time? Thus I go the easy route and push the button for two minutes. The bell goes off . . . and if the meal is still cool . . . I go another two minutes . . . check and push again until satisfied.
I am still learning to understand the complexities of our phone’s caller ID system. I was doing okay on the learning curve until robo callers found access to a 402 area code.
The same holds true to vacuuming. I can handle the vacuum for the Betterhalf  until it’s necessary for me to change attachments.
Yes, I am a slow learner. Still, the Betterhalf makes me feel good when she says, “I’m the best she’s got!”

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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