Early to bed no guarantee for either health or wealth

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I take a lot ribbing about going to bed early. However, there is little ribbing from coming from those same people when I get up in the early morning hours and find none of them at a 6 a.m. coffee group at Casey’s.
At one time I found it embarrassing going to bed before our kids. That embarrassment soon left after the kids grew older and I found I was not going into a sound sleep until they got home. Unfortunately Ben Franklin’s advice, “Early to bed, early to rise,” didn’t make me anymore “healthy or wise.” It also made me suffer through a long next day after my late to bed and irritable at the time of the early morning clock alarm.
This cooler weather may have caused the Betterhalf to “jump the gun” a bit. She cooked a big kettle of her homemade vegetable soup this past week. She said, “Homemade veggie soup just sounded good.” I guarantee her soup idea may have been early, but it was gobbled up no matter if it was early or not.
Recently I was fortunate to attend the induction of the 1968 undefeated Aurora football team into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame. The Huskies were honored as the Golden Anniversary team at the Annual Induction and Awards Ceremony in Lincoln. I must emphasize the word “fortunate” to attend because it allowed me to become re-acquainted with many of those team members who I had not seen since they graduated from high school.
However, something else came to mind as I roamed through the group and that was the accomplishments these young men have achieved after leaving that football field in 1968. These young men have never lost the heritage and goals that were established 50 years earlier.
Individual personal success stories one after another were repeated. Then something else came to mind. Wouldn’t have been great if we could have retained all these young men to remain living in Aurora.
Now similar scenes are repeated in Aurora and other Hamilton County communities when local high school alumni return to our communities for their class reunions. What a wealth of talent and what a contribution those returnees would make if we could keep them and their families here!
I know I enjoyed my afternoon in Lincoln. But, I know as I watched those coaches of the 1968 squad interchange with team members it was definitely one of the “best gratifying days” they ever had.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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