Rain, beginning of new Frost era, test loyalties

 It’s no secret to those who know the Betterhalf, she is the top Husker fan in our family. If we look back it is hard to remember her missing a football game on the Husker’s home field.
This year the Husker’s home opener was no exception. Thus we headed to Lincoln so she could sit in near-90 degree heat wearing her “Frost T-shirt and cheering a new coach and his team on to victory.
 As for me, I’m not a fan of heat so I told her I would meet her at the stadium when the temps cooled a little. The rest of this tale is history.
After all the pregame team warmups, the opening ceremonies and the kickoff, I began working my way to the stadium. Along the way I nearly sold my ticket. Foolishly I sidestepped that opportunity.
Soon I entered the stadium just in time to see the Huskers leaving the field. As I attempted to move toward the Betterhalf’s seating in row 34, a wave of exiting fans were coming down the aisle as I slowly climbed the aisle steps on my way up. Arriving at our seats it was time for me to ask a foolish question as a few more flashes of lightening began to occur.
I asked, “Well, are you ready to leave?” I then explained that the delay of game could last for hours and we could be back home in an hour to enjoy the comfort of recliners in a dry and air conditioned atmosphere.
I expected what her reply would be.
As I made my way alone from the stadium back to the parking garage, I knew I had issued my own non-enforceable warning that our car to Aurora would be leaving in one hour.
I was lucky . . . the Betterhalf arrived 10 minutes early for her ride home. I would like to believe it was her love for me that caused her early arrival, but in reality she didn’t want to sit in the rain if the teams were not playing.
However, what would have happened if she showed up after my verbal deadline? As usual, and particularly when it comes to the Huskers, I would have had to go by the Betterhalf’s schedule and wait in the car until she arrived.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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