Nebraska united, and excited about going back to the future

You don’t have to be a sports fan to feel the energy in the air these days. Football fever is spreading like wildfire.
Ever since the signs of an early Frost way back in December, Husker Nation has been chomping at the bit to turn the pages back, and forward, all in one swift motion. The hiring of one of our own, a Husker legend and native son who completely understands the Nebraska way, did more to boost our collective mojo than perhaps anything else could.
Scott Frost is a breath of fresh air in a world that often leaves us scratching our heads. He has earned the respect of many, having won a national title himself and learned from some of the greatest coaching minds in the game, yet he is so incredibly humble, oozing a quiet confidence that makes Husker Nation giddy while causing early angst around the Big 10.
Some will say college football is only a game, and they would be correct, of course. But in this state, it’s part of our culture to put on something red each fall Saturday and pull for the same cause. Husker Nation is a team in and of itself, and as of late we’ve not had a lot to celebrate in terms of how our football team got things done. It’s been frustrating, and hard to watch.
That all changes as of Saturday. Finally, after way too much time to analyze and scrutinize every recruit, practice and press conference, it’s time to unveil the new-look Huskers and their new, high-energy head coach. Win or lose, the one safe bet is that Frost’s team, our team, will play hard and compete every time out.
And oh by the way we might get to see some familiar faces on game day with former Huskies Austin Allen and Todd Honas on the roster. As if we needed any more incentive, that gives local sports fans even more skin in the game.
Speaking of the Huskies, there is a new sense of anticipation on the local gridiron as well. The move from Class B to Class C1 (in football only) drew some mixed reviews when the decision was made, but now that the season is here Coach Kyle Peterson and Co. look confident in their new surroundings.
In some ways, Peterson reflects the Scott Frost football philosophy with his own approach to the game, which is all about creating a positive experience for young men and giving your best effort each and every opportunity you have.
That’s a winning formula, and a pretty good game plan for life, no matter what the scoreboard says on Fridays and Saturdays this fall.
Go Big Reds!
Kurt Johnson

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