In Frost we trust

As kids, you always wanted to open one present on Christmas Eve before bedtime to get things kicked off on the right foot. The anticipation of Christmas as a child is matched by little, if anything.
Sunday morning, Husker Nation got to open up one present before the big day.
The Nebraska coaching staff passed out the depth chart to the media early Sunday before the sermons and prayers could be answered across the state.
Everyone from the sportwriters to the fans wanted to know who would be Scott Frost’s handpicked quarterback to open up the season.
Inside that early package opening was the name of 18-year-old true freshman Adrian Martinez.
Martinez was in the midst of a tight and competitive quarterback battle with fellow Californian Tristian Gebbia as Frost said time and again through fall camp how close the two were.
It’s become widely accepted that the quarterback position is not only the most important in football, but in all of sports. Frost has said so on the record.
However, now the expectation sets in -- if it hadn’t already.
Martinez becomes the first true freshman in the history of Nebraska football to start at quarterback for the Big Red in the season opener and third to start a game.
Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Take Jake Fromm from Georgia just a season ago. Although he got the job under a different set of circumstances, what he accomplished on the field last year cannot be argued.
I don’t think it mattered who Frost picked to lead the offense at quarterback. He and Mario Verduzco are like quarterback whisperers -- whatever choice they made would be the right one.
In Frost we trust.
That wasn’t all on the depth chart that caught my eye. There was a certain local name at the tight end position that looks to see the field on Saturday if all things go well.
It wasn’t really any surprise, but was still exciting to see Austin Allen’s name on the depth chart as the No. 2 guy behind Jack Stoll and next to Kurt Rafdal. All three are expected to see time on the field and it will be exciting to see the gains the former Husky has made now that he’s growing into the high-paced Frost offense.
And although he wasn’t listed on the two-deep list, there’s also former Husky Todd Honas, who could find his way on the field on special teams and has already found ways to contribute through practice.
Unlike Christmas Eve and Day, we now have days in between the release of the depth chart and the first game against Akron.
With Memorial Stadium under the lights Saturday, the anticipation will only build that much more throughout the day before that Christmas morning feeling shows up about 6:45 p.m.
I’m not really sure what to expect when Frost brings the Huskers out of the tunnel for the first time on Saturday.
There’s always anticipation and excitement for the opening kickoff of the Husker season in Nebraska, but the lead up to this one has just felt different, as if the top is about to blow off this entire state.
It’s kind of like that feeling at 6 years old waking up before the chickens on Christmas morning. Hopefully, Santa Frost won’t leave any coal in our stockings.
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