EMS employee asks county to 'Do the right thing'

Dear Editor:
Monday (Aug. 20) at the Hamilton County Commissioner’s meeting there were a lot of comments made in regards to the county’s interest in turning the ambulance service over to a private, for-profit company. As you and the citizens have seen, this is a very heated topic. I spoke out at the meeting as well. These were my comments and pleas with the commissioners.
“Good morning,
How many studies about what the county should do with the ambulance service are we at now? How many times have the citizens told you that they do not want a private ambulance service in Hamilton County?
I have to admit that since I put my name on the agenda two weeks ago I have been wondering why I even bothered. Recent history has shown the citizens of this county that their wishes, in regards to this matter, are not heard.
Now I know that the position of county commissioner comes with an extensive list of duties and responsibilities. But let’s not forget that you are also responsible to the men and women of Hamilton County.
With that being said I’ll repeat, how many times have the citizens told you that they do not want a private ambulance service in Hamilton County? But here we are with another agenda clearly stating that you intend to discuss and consider the private ambulance options. At this point I can’t tell if it is arrogance or ignorance that has you continually disregarding the wishes of your citizens. I’m not even mad anymore, I’m actually impressed that you have the gall to continue with your considerations for a private service.
Unlike you, the city has heard the citizens. The city has heard the public outcry and knew they needed to look into an option for the ambulance service. Their committee put together a solid and capable plan for the future of EMS in this community.
As a citizen of Hamilton County, I am disgusted by the animosity and malice with which Mayor Long was met with when he approached you. You were offered a role in their study, to be a part of the solution. Instead you turned the city’s call for partnership aside. Apparently you know what’s best, despite your multiple claims that you don’t.
You claim that you were threatened, but you blatantly threatened my family and the citizens of your county by continuing to look at an option for their health care that they’ve forcefully and repeatedly said no to. This community put you in office and personally I wouldn’t want to outright ignore the people I was supposed to be representing. But that’s just me.
Gregg, Tim, Becky, Bobbie, Rich it’s time to do what your public demands and do the right thing. It’s time to push the private company proposals off your table and sit down with the city to make this plan work. The city knows it’s a good plan. The citizens of Hamilton County know it’s a good plan. We can make this work.
Despite everything that has gone on since you were first approached and informed that things needed to change, I still believe that you can make this right. Your citizens are tired of the games and the half measures. They know like the rest of us know that you can do the right thing and make the right choice. Now it is simply a matter of actually doing it.
This is the perfect morning to make a positive change in this community. So I ask you, beg you even, accept the city’s proposal for the ambulance service. Show the citizens of this community that their elected officials hear them and that they care about their health and safety.
Do the right thing.
Make. This. Happen.”
I appreciate the chance for these comments to be published alongside those of my fellow citizens. I think it is important to remember that the citizens who  support the idea of the City of Aurora running a fire-based ambulance need to come to every city council meeting and county commissioner meeting and make their voices heard.
Thank you.
Don Adams

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