Cub Scout recruitment includes invite for girls

On Tuesday Aug. 21, Pack 131 of the Aurora Cub Scouts will be holding a recruitment night at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds 4-H Building.

The event will be starting at 6 p.m. and running through 8 inviting kids K-5.
This year things will be a little different for Boy Scouts of America (BSA).
Starting this past June, girls 5 to 10 are able to start signing up for the Cub Scouts and starting Feb. 1, 2019, the Boy Scouts division name will be changing to Scouts BSA.
According to Boy Scouts of America’s website, the organizations name will not change.
“This expansion is what current members have been asking for several years,” said Aaron Nilson, member of Pack 131. “We kind of reached a point too -- Why are we not doing this? Especially with Cub Scouts, we have always been family oriented. We have had girls attend Cub Scout meetings for years with their brothers, participating and not getting any recognition. So this is an opportunity to involve them and have them recognized.”
Nilson stated that every Cub Scout pack is broken up into dens.
Dens include, Tiger Cubs (first grade), Wolf Cub Scouts (second grade), Bear Cub Scouts (third grade) and Webelos Scouts (fourth and fifth grades).
However, non of the dens will be co-ed. For example, there will be two Tiger Cub dens with one being for the boys and one being for the girls.
When it comes to the girl dens, Nilson said there will always be a female leader at the meetings and events.
Pack 131 meets once a month while individual dens meet twice a month for different activities.
When it comes to the Lion and Tiger dens, parents have to stay during the meetings to help. The parents are also expected to lead a meeting.
Parents and adults are welcomed and encouraged to join the scouts.
One of the perks about joining Pack 131 would be that once a child has paid for their first year and their shirt, the leaders of Pack 131 -- if funds are still available -- will cover the cost of the following year’s dues.
Pack 131 will also pro-rate camp fees when scouts sell items such as popcorn. Some scouts will then be able to go to camp absolutely free if funds are available.
Nilson also stated that this year;s recruitment night will be special. Any non member that signs up Tuesday night will be able to go to camp Augustine on Sept. 15, completely free.

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