Maternity leave taking on ever-expanding role

 It’s time to clear off the desk and get rid of notes, clippings and even a candy wrapper or two. When cleaning time comes it means this column will contain a variety of subjects. Hopefully you’ll find interest in one or two.
Maternity leave in the job market seems to be playing even a more expanded role. It’s not necessarily couples are having more children or employees asking for more time off after the birth of a child. Being from the old school I witnessed a change not only when new mothers asked for up to six weeks off, but a few new fathers put in their time-off requests too.
Now a new definition of maternity leave has been born. Companies are reporting some employees are requesting maternity leave when the pet dog has pups, or the cat has kittens.
Sending pop to the grocery store can get a little trickier. Food labeling is becoming a problem,
When dad is sent to the grocery store for milk he now needs to ask, “Do you want soy milk, cashew nut milk, or regular?”  Just over 9 percent of plant-based milks share the market. And I thought I got confused with choice of Vitamin D, 1 Percent, or Fat Free.
Do you realize over 2 percent of plant-based meats share the market? That’s going to make it awful tough when we adults must explain to the young’uns, meat not only comes just from beef or pork, but veggies as well. The same holds true for milk when explaining how to “milk a plant.”
Of course here in the Midwest plant-based meats certainly will be a hard sell, particularly to our beef and pork producers. And if you must make a plant-based milk purchase, opt for the soymilk . . . at least our soybean growers will understand.
As for the kids, confusion may occur when you tell them, “Eat your veggies!” It might be easier to simply say, “Clean-up all of your plate!”
A lot of us would like to be graduates at some stage or other of our education again, because as we recall it, we were sure of so many more things those days than we are now.
The most effective co-educational institution is matrimony.

RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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