Health studies on coffee, straws can rule our lives

 Just recently a new study was released that told us we could drink up to eight cups of coffee daily and it wasn’t harmful to our health.
We grew up in an era and lived many years of our life believing a previous years-old study that coffee could be harmful to our health if we drank too much coffee. Apparently I was one of the few adults who really didn’t like coffee anyway, so the abstaining from the brew over the years was not a problem . . . and now this “newly released study” has little effect on changing my attitude about coffee. But, I am sure many of those regular coffee drinkers have now increased their coffee consumption a cup or two for “healthy purposes.”
Funny how studies, to a certain degree, can rule our lives whether the study topics cover foods, manufactured products and even our environment.
Straws are now a hot topic because of the danger plastic straws have to our environment. Some cities and companies are banning them. Adding impact to the ban is the concern straws can have on your own health. The Washington Post even carried a headline, “When it comes to health, straws suck” over a story that listed human health concerns.
Among those concerns were:
*Sipping from a straw introduces air into the digestive tract that causes uncomfortable symptoms such as gas and bloating.
* Drinking sugar or acidic beverages through a straw can increase the likelihood of cavities.
* Chemicals of which some plastic straws are made have the potential to leach into liquids that could eventually affect estrogen levels.
* Sipping liquids such as soft drinks could contribute to excess sugar intake.
* Drinking alcohol through a straw leads to faster intoxication.
* And finally, regular use of straws can promote to the same pucker wrinkles that smokers get around their mouths.
There are eco-friendly options for people who want to continue using straws. Suggested were bamboo, silicone, glass, stainless steel and even long tubes of pasta. Somehow those options just don’t seem too user friendly.
Thank goodness I reached retirement age even though as a youngster, I sipped sodas and milkshakes on a regular basis at the local kid’s hangout known as Wimpy’s Inn.
Maybe I didn’t get off without some straw-use consequences. I looked in the mirror, I sure see lots of wrinkles and I don’t even smoke!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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