Frostmania hits the B1G stage

Big Ten Media Days kicked off in Chicago on Monday with quite the leadoff interviewee -- call it the Frost effect, if you will.
First-year Nebraska coach Scott Frost was the first coach to take the podium Monday and was in typical Frost fashion for those of us who have followed his path since his hiring in December.
For much of the time Frost took questions, it was more of an introduction for the new Husker coach to the rest of the world outside the friendly confines of Nebraska.
Frost was taking questions he’s been asked over and over again the past half year, this time to a more national media audience.
There was a couple of times throughout the interview that as the question was being asked, I knew what the answer was nearly word for word.
Like this one for example: What’s the formula needed to bring Nebraska back?
“The formula used to reflect the people of the state,” Frost said.
Through all the stuff I’ve heard Frost reiterate several times over, there were a few things from Monday that stuck out to me.
Frost wants to decide who the No. 1 quarterback is going to be a week before the Akron game Sept. 1 to open the season, and added they aren’t any closet to knowing who that might be.
I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, truthfully. Frost has noted that each of the quarterbacks are so close together that I had wondered if the Huskers might be using a two-quarterback system. Doesn’t sound like it, though.
But still, whether it’s Andrew Martinez or Tristian Gebbia, someone is going to have to separate themselves in fall ball.
Frost mentioned several times throughout the day how Nebraska got away from what made it great, and how they are going to get back to doing those kinds of things.
I noticed something as he talked that I haven’t really picked up before.
Frost sounds mad and upset about it. Also, a motivated fixer-upper.
I liked this quote here that really set a tone: “We’re not going to run from the past. From afar, I got the impression that for a quite a few years recently Nebraska has abandoned the past and turned its back on the past.”
Frost was also asked about rivalries and Nebraska’s difficulty to develop a hard-nosed rival since joining the Big Ten, and his answer caught me a bit off guard, in a good way.
Frost called the Big Ten “arguably the best conference in the country” and added that Nebraska has had historic rivalries, but the lack of success has hindered the culmination of one now.
“Rivalries are going to come when we’re playing the way we should,” Frost said. “And I think the people are back at Nebraska who are going to make it what it should be in the pantheon of college football again.”
In the back of my mind I’ve always had that specific thought sitting there, but I’ve never heard it come from a sitting Husker coach.
Most importantly, Frost always seems good for a money quote that really gives the people something to hang on to and rally around.
“I know if we get better day by day we’re going to be tough to beat in the near future. We’ll see how this year goes, but people better get us now because we’re going to get better.”
Boy, if that doesn’t get you ready for the gridiron game to kick off, I don’t know what will.
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