Times may be simple, clocks not so much

We’re ready to go back to the simple times and ironically “time” is the reason. For days now we’ve operated on Eastern Time, or one-hour ahead of the good old Central Time. The reason? Our not so-wonderful automatic clock that gave us temps, days, dates and of course time, ceased to operate because of weak batteries.    
Several years ago our household advanced from the windup chiming clock to rely on a system of electric clocks. Our tiring of winding clocks was replaced by those electric clocks that several times after a lightning storm would require our room-by-room tour of our household resetting a multitude of blinking dials. Then this advanced thing called an “Atomic Clock” came on the scene.
The futuristic clock was guaranteed to end our room-by-room tours, rewinding chores, and offered a wonderful host of features. At that time we were told all that was needed was the annual installation of new batteries and the pushing of a few buttons. We should have known better. Nothing is that simple and besides, we are a slow learner.
Our first new-fangled clock eventually ended in the trash can after a few years mainly because of our inability to “simply” change batteries and just push a few buttons. We vowed not to have another.
But, year ago we brought home a model that we were told was a new improved model that was much simpler to operate. As we said earlier, “We’re a slow learner.” For the past few days we’ve lost plenty of time pushing buttons and replacing batteries. The only thing accomplished has been frustration.
We acknowledge correct temperature, date and day modes have appeared on the clock screen. And we can give you the correct time in New York City.
As our frustration peaked a calm Betterhalf assumed responsibility of bringing correct time to our household. Thus far, we have detected some mumbling as she rechecked batteries, went online and moved the clock closer to the outdoor sensor.
We still are holding faith in efforts; maybe not from her technical knowhow, but because of her stubbornness when faced with a challenge.
Our soil conservationists say the clearest demonstration of how this country is losing topsoil is giving a small boy a bath.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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