Wayward raccoon a nice diversion from real world

 It was refreshing this past week to have our attention diverted from what has become the regular news coverage concerning presidential tweets, immigration, political investigations and the negativism of the human race.
That diversion is exactly what happened when in a metro population of over 3 million people who were concerned with the antics of a raccoon who soon was about to become a death-defying hero.
What got more attention than even a top publicity agent couldn’t achieve was national social-media audience’s awareness of a raccoon that chose to scale a 22-floor skyscraper in downtown St Paul, Minn. The raccoon was assumed to be searching for a pigeon egg meal and captured over 24-hour attention from an audience with the question, “Will he fall or won’t he?”
As for me, I like wildlife (not to be confused with a young man’s activities). I enjoy watching squirrels and birds at my feeder; seeing deer and turkey during a walk; and the flight of geese and cranes. I’ve tangled with a couple of raccoons over the years, but I hold no grudge. Some people do.
Comments coming from those watching the climbing raccoon made slanderous remarks calling him “a varmint version of Spider-Man, dodgy-eyed critter, trash-hungry mammals, trash pandas” and even a “Four-legged assassin.” Of course these are rash statements and the majority of those watching our climber were cheering for his safety
As the climber took a break a couple of times in the skyscraper’s window wells, many people failed to understand why windows were not opened so he could be captured. It was reported windows of a modern skyscraper are sealed for climate control and cannot be opened. And to cut the glass would cause a sudden rush from an imbalance of air that could blow him off the ledge.
After napping on window ledges during the 24-hour climb the raccoon finally reached the roof of the building early the next morning. He was drawn into a baited trap and was whisked into a rural area far away from skyscrapers and his forever fans.
I’m puzzled. No one mentioned whether the raccoon was male or female. I decided it was a male. Only a hungry male would be foolish enough to scale a 22-story building for breakfast.
In regard to those cheering fans an anti-racooner replied: “Would you rather live in a world where people’s hearts went out to a creature in peril, or one where everyone rooted for it to slip and spat?”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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