Whistle while you work, add humor to your day

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Even when saddled with a lot of work, some can find a way to either “whistle while they work” or add a little humor to the most tedious of tasks. We found that was the case when the Betterhalf and I took our morning walk on a blacktopped Minnesota roadway recently.
There was lots of evidence that a road crew had been busy pouring hot tar in the roadway cracks that were caused by the harsh winter. Now that job has to emit some discouragement to the road crew when they look ahead down the road as far as they can see and realize there seems to be no end to the work facing them. The optimism is not bolstered by that crew lugging hoses filled with hot tar when the outdoor temps are peaking at 90 degrees. But, this crew apparently added a little humor to their chore.
The Betterhalf found evidence of that when we came upon this piece of artistic artwork found in one of the traffic lanes. As you can see by the photo of the smiling face, an “artist” doesn’t need a paintbrush to display his skills.
Wait! There’s still more humor coming from this county road crew.
We all know in rural areas school bus stops are dotted along the roadways. As the Betterhalf and I continued our morning walk we came upon a regular bus stop where several children routinely waited for their ride to school. In a roadway crack at that stop we noticed a coin embedded in the freshly filled crack. It was no doubt a worker had placed the coin there. We assume when the next hot day arrives one of those children while waiting at the stop will be digging in the softened tar and be financially rewarded with that coin.
This little reminder mysteriously appeared on my desk. No doubt came from the Betterhalf.
“It is estimated that the average man has 12 million brain cells, most of them unemployed.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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