Times have changed, as has perception of middle class

Most all of us have some sort of wish list. One popular subject that seems to be attractive to many is a wish list for a new home that “must-have” the current trends in luxury homes.
Here in rural Nebraska it’s hard for us to hear many younger couples are purchasing a new home for $750,000 that in the metro areas is described as a “middle class” structure. Those middle class homes include wine rooms, second kitchens and three- or four-car garages.
My, times have certainly changed. We came from the era when you finally afforded a middle class home it had three bedrooms, a basement that could be finished, one bath and a half, and a garage. We even got excited when we had a home with the bath on the main floor and a shower in the basement. We planned to live in that home for a lifetime along with the hopes we could be able to make a few improvements over the years.
Hopes of a two-car garage, a main floor laundry room, a den and new kitchen were on the dream list, but went unfulfilled. As we aged, our wine room vanished and become just a box of wine near the fridge. Our hopes of later having an enlarged, modern, spacious kitchen were also delayed. We piecemealed replacing the old kitchen appliances, one by one when they broke down.
Many of our friends had that second kitchen. Their kitchens were little-noticed in the basement and used during canning season and for cooking big family dinners . . . and most wouldn’t have been tabbed as a trendy second kitchen.
But, you know what? Throughout the years we had a great, comfortable, family home that served as base for the raising of three sons and entertainment for family and guests. We did move to another home years later leaving a lot of great memories there . . . even memories a “middle class $700,000 home” could not match.
It was reported a retired teacher bought a schoolhouse she taught in for years and will live in it. This certainly puts her in a class by herself, commented an observer.
Did you ever notice how often a narrow mind and a wide mouth go together?
RL Furse is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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