Discovery of an electric typewriter brings memories

Recently cleaning out a closet I came across an old portable Smith Corona electric typewriter. That old typewriter got me thinking about my past when I experienced not only our near dozen manual typewriters at the newspaper, but the earlier years in high school when the new innovation of an electric typewriter came on the scene and our class shared the chance to type on a keyboard that required just a light touch.
Well, as I assume L. C. Smith, Remington and a host of other manuals have been lost in history. Still, memories exist and I hope I don’t bore you with sharing a few of those memories.
On the old manuals, newspaper people had time to allow their thoughts to flow from the brain to the fingertips. Not like today, when a light touch of the computer keyboard expressed a passing thought that disappeared with the quick push of a “delete” instead of the old past of allowing time for cooling our thoughts by punching a bunch of “XXX’s on the manual keyboard.
My fondest memory comes from my high school era when a senior member of our class experienced a jammed keyboard and he took drastic measures. He picked up the old manual and carried the heavy bulky manual to the third story window of the classroom and dropped the jammed typewriter to the ground, three stories below. Needless to say, that not only ended the old Remington, but resulted in the expulsion of the senior student.
After all these years, my own experiences with computers, I sometimes long for the simplicity of my old manual (and up-dated electric) typewriter.
While we may think the past manual era is dead, some researchers have recently instigated a study where they have found using two spaces after periods makes reading slightly easier. I wonder if those researchers have taken an age factor into that study and that two spaces after periods make reading just easier for us poor-sighted seniors. Whatever -- I’m not necessarily buying their belief, but am going to hold on to my old Smith Corona electric just in case
The Betterhalf experienced frustration when she just finished washing Minnesota cabin windows at 4:30 p.m. and heard rain was predicted at 4:57 p.m.
Congratulations high school and college grads! Our future is in your hands and I have complete confidence in each of you making our world a better place!
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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