New addition to family... a pug or a weight trainer

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A few weeks ago we reported we added a second dog to our household . . . a southern dog from Tennessee named “Oscar.” Little did we know, even as a dog lover, such a critter could change our lifestyle . . . and that of our 10-year household dog companion “Missy.”
You see Pug Oscar came in a little over weight. To be exact he weighed 36 pounds when he should have tipped the scales at 22-26 pounds, according to the dog guides. But, we not only inherited the dog, we inherited an animal that made our whole household weight conscious.
“Ol’ Fatty,” as I call him has over the last month dropped about 6 pounds and is really impressive. Well, I guess we say “impressive” since his owners didn’t skinny-down at the same pace. Just how has a dog got us in a position to think about weight at our age?
Oscar continues to avoid the Betterhalf’s basement weight/workout room. As for me, it’s difficult enough watching my “spare-tire” grow and having that pug slim down while I am gaining.
The two of us take a daily walk. He eats a small piece of my snack which is a cookie, and he still loses weight. I’ve come to the conclusion life sometimes is not fair.  Before I make too strong a judgement I am banking on researchers’ who have studied more than three million dogs and found owners age 40 to 80 have a lower risk of death. There’s one catch -- I’m 80!
Over the past few weeks we have experienced wind-blown some corn shucks and thistles entwined in the shrubbery around our home. Our farmer-friend gave us a bad time when we jokingly requested he come and help us clean up all of those three thistles and a few shucks. I guess he forgot the times he munched off the Bettehalf’s cookies during his high school years. His reply was simply, “Our farm field was there long before your home was nearby.”
I might also add nobody, as of yet, has claimed the Styrofoam packing crate that appeared in the yard.
The teacher asked a young pupil, “Leonard, do you know your alphabet?”
“Yes,” said the child.
“Well, what comes after ‘A’?”
“All of ‘em.”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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