Spring your spring fix-up, cleaning chores on the pros

Found it a little difficult to kick back a week ago and enjoy a couple warm sunny days with pleasant springtime thoughts coming to mind. A couple of newspaper headlines and related stories dampened my attitude.
The theme of the feature stories pointed out spring doesn’t just brighten up the weather. Spring also signals the time is here for all those home fix-it jobs that during the winter months I had rationalized I was going to do “next spring.”
As I thumbed through the spring cleanup-fixup suggestions I found the writers’ list of chores covered way more than I planned during the winter months and entailed a lengthy process, as well as many chores I had overlooked.
It was evident I must be more honest with myself. There’s no way I am getting on the roof and check shingles. I’m not about to stand high on the extension ladder to clean gutters and make sure they are securely fastened. I’m not good at doing a neat job of re-caulking window frames or cleaning out the dust in our home’s air vents and then applying a thin coat of car wax on all surfaces of the vents to prevent dust from sticking.
As I looked at their suggested list for spring cleaning and repair, only one item caught my eye. It was the writer’s suggestion to “call in the pros” for some chores.
Following their suggestion, I cut my list in half by giving a call to the pros and then began making out my “to-do list” for the fall of 2018.
A week ago I reported on our recent trip to Texas for the babysitting duties. On our arrival in Texas the word “babysitting” was incorrect. In our case you don’t call it babysitting when you are busy transporting boys near 13 and 15 to school and sports practices. It was quite evident boys at that age are not babies.
They accurately guided this driver throughout the metro area of Austin by scrapping our car’s Google map and giving me routes with a variety of shortcuts only the locals used.  
My outdatedness was emphasized even more at a swimming practice when I sat in a chair by the pool and began reading my newspaper. I looked around at the group of at least 10 adults near me and all were viewing info from their smart phones.
Fortunately, I don’t write everything I think, but I do come as close to it as I dare.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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