Graduation season an exciting time to look ahead, celebrate

Turning tassels. Tipping hats. Flipping the page and moving forward.
Transition is in the air these days, with lots of pomp and celebratory circumstance permeating our community.
It’s graduation season, which is always an exciting time for graduates, their families and all those near and dear in a circle of influence who helped the honorees reach this significant milestone.
Hampton High School’s graduating class kicks the season off Saturday, with the first group of seniors honored to receive their diplomas in the new gymnasium, followed by Giltner a day later. High Plains grads will take center stage May 12 and Aurora High will honor its Class of 2018 on Sunday, May 13, Mother’s Day.
The top scholars at all four area schools are honored in our annual “Making the Grade” edition this week, earning recognition for stellar academic achievement. That’s a very big deal, worthy of an added spotlight we are happy to provide.
In fact, the News-Register staff feels a shared sense of pride with all the parents, teachers and area communities in Hamilton County, having covered these young people as they grew and blossomed in recent years. Having a front row seat to that ongoing process is in fact one of the perks of this business.
Whether they realize it or not, the youth of our community bring a sense of oneness that is vital to small-town life. They breathe energy and enthusiasm into our towns, whether it’s on the field of competition, up on stage under the lights, in speech and music competitions or whatever they do. That energy is contagious spreading in communities that are proud to be the home of the Huskies, Hornets, Hawks and Storm.
Now that another group of seniors has reached this pinnacle it’s important to hit the pause button and recognize their achievements. It’s a proud day for all, as it should be.
We tip our hat as well to the many residents and former residents who have or will be celebrating college graduations across the state and nation. That important milestone brings the next generation to a most exciting time in their life as they embark on their new careers. We couldn’t be prouder, and relish the opportunity to share that news with our readers.
Congratulations graduates, one and all. We tip our hat as you turn your tassel, thanking you for giving so much of yourselves to your school and hometown, and wishing you the very best in the next phase of life.
Kurt Johnson

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