Penner represents a vote for positive change in Washington

Kirk Penner is a straight shooter, a person of integrity well known in Hamilton County as a successful businessman and a conservative leader who knows how to get things done. America needs people like Kirk Penner in Washington and he is the right choice in the Republican primary for Nebraska’s Third Congressional District.
There are simply not enough of those strong voices today in Washington, which is a growing concern. Whether the issue involves spending, trade, taxes, immigration, or you name it these days in D.C., there is far too much party-line politics at play. Incumbent Adrian Smith has had a decade to make his mark, and while he has been a consistent supporter of GOP policy, he has not shown the ability to move the needle on debate that directly involves his constituency.
The recent debate in Hastings was fascinating, though it offered just a brief comparison of the two men, as well as challenger Arron Kowalski of rural Grand Island. If you listened carefully, however, there was more meat on the bone to Penner’s responses, as well as a sense of urgency to change the status-quo in Washington. That sense of urgency and frustration better reflects the current attitude of farmers, business owners and Nebraskans in general.
Smith’s recent vote for the $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill was a good example of why change is needed. No one could or should be expected to digest so much information in such a short time, but too many, including Mr. Smith, are unwilling or unable to say enough is enough. How or why should Americans expect the political climate to improve if we don’t demand change from our leaders?
With Penner, voters know what they will be getting for a Congressman. He’s pledging up front that he’ll oppose his party and the president if necessary to better serve his constituency, and he has no agenda to climb the political ladder. He’ll serve 10 years if elected and re-elected, he promises, and on that note I believe he will be good to his word. He vows to protect small businesses and grow the economy, while also offering common sense logic on ways to control spending and start trimming the national debt. In other words, he has a plan, as well as a passion, to make a difference in Washington.
Penner is a familiar face here in Aurora and Hamilton County, but that’s not why he gets the nod from his hometown newspaper. With a first-hand perspective of the work ethic and philosophy Penner brings to the table, this community has seen by example that he is not afraid to take on significant issues and bring specific, thought-out ideas to conversations on challenges of the day. It’s not hard to envision him taking that same no-nonsense attitude to our nation’s capitol.
It’s time for change in Washington and a vote for Kirk Penner as Third District Congressman is a vote for positive change.
Kurt Johnson

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