A back seat driver, front seat driver or mechanic?

Over the years we males have had a back seat driver. Well, my era has ended and it may not have concluded the way I wished. I have a front seat driver...and I am reluctantly fortunate.
Recently coming out of heavy traffic, I made a left-hand turn and the Betterhalf mentioned the car’s left-hand turn signal was not working. In our 10-year-old car that didn’t surprise me, but it was embarrassing when she pointed it out to her hubby that he was still not familiar with a car that he had been “captain” over for the past 60 years.
“Your left rear turn-signal on the car is not working,” she said. “The dash left signal is blinking more rapidly than the right,” she added.
As any smart husband, I bluffed and said, “I know, I’m taking it in to get it fixed tomorrow.  Unfortunately, she saw through my bluff and we road home quietly without pointing out my lack of observation.
There are lot of things in this old world that are confusing and, as for me, the confusion seems to increase each year. I recognize it doesn’t take much to challenge my thinking, but it is becoming more difficult to use the science of logic, or what’s to be expected by applying logical reasoning based on our experiences of what has gone on before.
There’s no doubt this world is fast changing. But, when I was younger I didn’t notice the speed of change being that fast. As I grow older I am beginning to get the feeling that not keeping up with change has resulted in me just becoming “dumber.” Now was this plan of old age?
If you apply logic it would seem old age should build more experience for better understanding. In my case that plan is working backward. Not only has my walking pace slowed down, but grasping my understanding of most human actions has been drastically slowed as well.
As a dog lover I don’t want to overburden you with comments on the subject of dogs. But, I couldn’t resist this from an unnamed source.
“They say a dog is man’s best friend. I don’t believe this. How many of your friends have you had neutered?”
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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